Table of Contents

Phytoestrogens : biochemical aspects and biological activities / Rita de Cassia da Silveira e Sá and Luciana Valente Borges.
(Q)SAR and clinical chemistry of camptothecin analogues / Rajeshwar P. Verma and Corwin Hansch.
Application of lanthanide (Ln= Eu & Tb) nanoparticles in biology and medicine / Chittaranjan Patra, Priyabrata Mukherjee, and Debabrata Mukhopadhyay.
Identification and analysis of effective components in animal biofluids following administration of natural medicines / Chenggang Huang ... [et al.].
Frontiers of molecular technologies in noninvasive prenatal diagnosis / Sherry Sze Yee Ho ... [et al.].
Polymeric nanoparticles as carrier systems : how does the material and surface charge affect cellular uptake / Anna Musyanovych, Katharina Landfester, and Volker Mailänder.
The role of 1, 25 dihydroxy-vitamin D3 in immunity to infectious disease / Michael Eisenhut.
Generation and analysis of disease-specific mouse models by clinical chemical screening / Bernhard Aigner, Birgit Rathkolb, Eckhard Wolf.
Gene therapy of congenital diseases : applications, problems, and prospects / Jixin Yang and Jiexiong Feng.
Porphyrazine anti-tumor agents / B.J. Vesper ... [et al.].
Mass spectrometry in clinical chemistry / Simone König.
Quantitative proteome-disease relationships (QPDRS) in clinical chemistry : prediction of prostate cancer with spectral moments of PSA/MS star networks / Giulio Ferino ... [et al.].
Not so innocent : adipocytes may explain racial differences in breast cancer : implications for clinical chemistry / Francis O. Ikpatt, Errol Berman, and Arpad Szallasi.
Analytical method of allantoin detection in human sera and the clinical significance of this measurement / Haruhiro Muratsubaki and Keiichiro Enomoto.
Relationship between creatine kinase activity and serum aminotransferase activity in patients with extensive rhabdomyolysis or myocardial necrosis / Nadia Habal and Mark Feldman.