Table of Contents

Chris Code's contribution to aphasiology / J. Ball & J.S. Damico.
Investigations in speech and language and related disorders : crossing the boundaries between disciplines / Manfred Herrmann and Thorsten Fehr.
Independent evidence for the unification of explanatory paradigms in the neurosciences / Hugh Buckingham and Sarah Christman.
The social and neuropsychological underpinnings of communication disorders after severe traumatic brain injury / Skye McDonald.
Social validation of recovery in aphasia / Leonard LaPointe and Kerry L. Lenius.
Interactional aphasia : principles and practices oriented to social intervention / Jack S. Damico, Martin J. Ball, Nina N. Simmons-Mackie and Nicole Müller.
From the study of language dysfunction and handicap to a better understanding of linguistic processing in normality / Jean-Luc Nespoulous and Jacques Virbel.
Production and perception of word tones in patients with brain damage / Inger Moen.
Subcortical aphasia : historical perspective and contemporary thinking / Bruce Murdoch.
Mechanisms of lexical selection and the anomias / Tobias Bormann, Gerhard Blanken, and Claus-W. Wallesch.
Repetitive verbal behaviours in PML : an exploratory study of conversation / Nicole Muller, Alana Kozlowski, and Patricia Doody.
Multi-party interactions in aphasia / Alison Ferguson.
Stroke stories : conveying emotive experiences in aphasia / Elizabeth Armstrong and Hanna K. Ulatowska.
Counseling families and adults with speech and language disorders : the view from a wellness perspective / Audrey Holland.
Cultural dimensions of aphasia : adding diversity and flexibility to the equation / Claire Penn.
Assessment of aphasia in a multilingual world / Susan Edwards and Roelien Bastiaanse.
Computerized aphasia treatment outcomes research : the past and a proposal / Richard Katz and Robert Wertz.
Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation : advanced communication training perspectives / Leanne Togher.
The future of our knowledge of communication impairments following a right-hemisphere lesion / Yves Joanette, Maud Champagne-Lavau, Karima Kahlaoui and Bernadette Ska.
Progressive language and speech disorders in dementia / Maria Pachalska
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