Table of Contents

Part I: Civil servants and politics: Setting the scene. 1. Introduction / Christine Neuhold and Sophie Vanhoonacker.
Politicisation: What is it and why should we care? / B. Guy Peters.
Civil Servants and Politicians: Problems and Future Prospects / Luc Verhey.
Civil Servants and Whistle-blowing: Loyal Neutrality and/or Democratic Ideal? / Geoffrey Hunt..
Part II: Politicisation of civil servants between neutrality and political activism? Country studies. Civil Servants and Politicians: A Very British Relationship / Diana Woodhouse.
Managerialism and politicisation in the Dutch Civil Service / Sandra van Thiel.
Civil Servants: How to Support the Political Level: The French Case / Frank Baron.
Civil Service Reform in Slovakia and Hungary: The Road to Professionalisation? / Katarina Staronova.
Civil Servants and Politics in Germany / Ulrich Battis..
Part III: Supranational bureaucracies and consequences for administrative players. Commission Civil Servants and Politics: De-politicised Bureaucrats in an Increasingly Political Organisation / Michael W.Bauera and Jörn Ege.
The European Parliament's Administration: Between Neutral and Politicised Competence / Iulian Romanyshyn and Christine Neuhold.
Conclusion / S.Vanhoonacker, C.Neuhold & L.Verhey.