Table of Contents

Baptismal spirituality in the early church and its implications for the church today.
The Holy Spirit and Lutheran liturgical-sacramental theology.
The real and multiple presences of Christ in contemporary Lutheran liturgical and sacramental praxis.
Eucharistic reservation and Lutheranism : an extension of Sunday worship?.
What is normative in contemporary Lutheran worship? : word and sacrament as nonnegotiable.
Ordinary time? The time after Epiphany and Pentecost : celebrating the mystery of Christ in all its fullness.
The Blessed Virgin Mary and ecumenical convergence in doctrine, doxology, and devotion.
The Virgin of Guadalupe in ecumenical context.
Satis est : ecumenical catalyst or narrow reductionism?.
Christian worship and ecumenism : what shall we do now?.
Conclusion. The Church in Act explores the dynamics of ecclesial and liturgical theology, examining the body of Christ in action. Maxwell E. Johnson, one of the premier liturgical specialists in the field, provides in this volume historical and doctrinal thinking on a diversity of liturgical subjects under the umbrella of Lutheran liturgical theology and in ecumenical conversation. The topics under consideration range from baptismal spirituality to Eucharistic concerns, including real presence, pneumatology, and reservation; discussions on what constitutes liturgical normativity, the diverse hermeneutical approaches to the Revised Common Lectionary, and the place of Mary in ecumenical dialogue and culture (especially Latino-Hispanic); issues of full communion based on a liturgical reading of the Augsburg Confession VII; and specific questions related to liturgy and ecumenism today in light of recent translation changes in Roman Catholic practice. Together, the volume offers a robust account of the liturgical, sacramental, and spiritual practices of the church for scholars, students, pastors, and others who seek to minister in an ecumenical context with increased understanding and insight.