Table of Contents

1. Mortality in COPD : the Role of Comorbidities / Don D. Sin.
2. The Role of Systemic Inflammation in COPD / Kristina L. Bailey, Jadvinder Goraya, and Stephen L. Rennard.
3. The Disablement Process in COPD / Michael D.L. Morgan.
4. Cardiovascular Disease / Thierry Troosters.
5. Osteoporosis / Luis F. Diez-Morales and Vincent Cunanan.
6. Thoracic Malignancies / Matthew D. Jankowich.
7. Anxiety and Depression / Vincent S. Fan and Nicholas D. Giardino.
8. Cognitive Function / Paula Meek.
9. Skeletal Muscle / Marc-André Caron, Marie-Eve Thériault, Richard Debigaré, and François Maltais.
10. Inactivity / Judith Garcia-Aymerich.
11. Body Composition Abnormalities / Bram van den Borst and Annemie M.W.J. Schols.
12. COPD, Comorbidity, and Disease-Specific Clinical Practice Guidelines / Kristina Frogale, Kerry M. Schnell, and Cynthia M. Boyd.
13. Pharmacologic Treatment / Rachael A. Evans, Robert G. Varadi, Kambiz Mirzaei, and Roger S. Goldstein.
14. Pulmonary Rehabilitation : Targeting the Systemic Manifestations of COPD / Linda Nici and Richard ZuWallack.
15. Disease Management and Integrated Care / Emiel F.M. Wouters and Ingrid M.L. Augustin.