Table of Contents

The Coptic liturgy : sources and history.
Dating liturgical papyri.
The materiality of liturgical papyri.
Uses of liturgical papyri.
Genres, manuscripts, and their uses.
Languages of the liturgy.
Writing the Christian liturgy in Egypt.
Appendix : Table of liturgical papyri. Liturgical papyri are prime witnesses to the history of liturgy and the religious and theological currents in late antique Egypt. These items from the third to ninth century preserve hundreds of Greek and Coptic hymns, prayers, and acclamations, most otherwise unknown but some still recited by the Coptic Church. Ágnes T. Mihálykó offers the first extensive introduction to the liturgical papyri, facilitating the reader's access to them with a detailed inventory of edited manuscripts and an extensive discussion of their date and provenance. She also examines liturgical papyri as the first preserved liturgical manuscripts, describing their material features, the ways they were used, the early history of the liturgical books, and their languages. She reveals how liturgical texts were written down and transmitted and locates these important manuscripts in the book culture of late antique Egypt.