Table of Contents

Christianity and humanism. Coluccio Salutati in the footsteps of the ancients / Ron Witt.
Christlicher Humanismus und Liturgie : Heinrich Bebel, Johannes Casselius und Leonhard Clemens verfassen Offizien zu den Festen des heiligen Hieronymus und der heiligen Anna / Volker Honemann.
Rühmende Memoria : der Zusammenhang von Verdiesseitigung und Religiosität in der Gedächtnispflege der Humanisten / Berndt Hamm.
Religion as exercitatio mentis : a case for theology as a humanist discipline / Willemien Otten.
A classicising friar at work : John of Wales' Breviloquium de virtutibus / Albrecht Diem.
Humanism and stoicism. Virtue as an end in itself : the medieval unease with a stoic idea / István P. Bejczy.
Florentius Volusenus and tranquility of mind : some applications of an ancient ideal / Alasdair A. Macdonald.
The first Christian defender of stoic virtue? : Justus Lipsius and Cicero's Paradoxa stoicorum / Jan Papy.
Coornhert on virtue and nobility / Hans and Simone Mooij-Valk.
Humanism and philosophy. The De veritate fidei christianae of Juan Luis Vives / Marcia L. Colish.
Montaigne and Christian humanism / Peter Mack.
Humanism and religion in the works of Spinoza / Fokke Akkerman.
Erasmus of Rotterdam and late medieval theologians on the doctrine of grace / Christoph Burger.
The philosophia Christi, its echoes and its repercussions on virtue and nobility / Han van Ruler.
Modern humanism as philosophical autobiography : pretending and understanding selfhood in Descartes and Fichte / Detlev Pätzold. Humanism, arts and sciences. Types of inconsistency in the astrology of Ficino and others / John North.
The metaphysical unity of music, motion, and time in Augustine's De musica / Stephen Gersh.
World without end : Nicholas of Cusa's view of time and eternity / Matthieu van der Meer.
Copernicus' Praefatio in libros revolutionum : humanism and scholarly debate / Marc van der Poel.
Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples : humanism and hermeticism in the De magia naturali / Jan R. Veenstra.
Humanist writing and education. Dutch humanists and the medieval past / Peter Raedts.
"Höhere Bildung" im 17. Jahrhundert : die Schola Carolina in Osnabrück auf dem Weg vom Humanistischen Gymnasium zur Jesuitenuniversität / Rudolf Suntrup.
Ubbo Emmius, the Eternal edict and the Academy of Groningen / Zweder von Martels.
John Mair's Dialogus de materia theologo tractanda : introduction, text and translation / Alexander Broadie.
Rudolph Agricola's address to Innocent VIII / Adrie van der Laan.
Solitude and the inaccessible light in the sermons of Isaac of Stella / Just Niemeijer.
Anselm, Calvin, and the absent Bible / Burcht Pranger.
The world as sin and grace : the theology of Melanchthon's Loci communes of 1521 / Rob Pauls.