Table of Contents

Australian consumer perceptions of fast food: a qualitative study / Kirsten I. Dunn ... [et al.].
Fluid osmolarity of sports drinks / Toshimichi Ishijima ... [et al.].
Cocoa (theobroma cacao l.) catechins: occurrence, health effects and modifications during processing / Augusta Caligiani, Martina Cirlini and Gerardo Palla.
Chocolate: a significant part of nutrition intervention among old nursing home residents / Anne Marie Beck and Karin Damkjær.
Seed color as an indicator of flavanol content in theobroma cacao L / Melis S. Cakirer, Gregory R. Ziegler and Mark J. Guiltinam.
Exploring the decision-making strategies of couples in romantic relationships with regard to food consumption: a look at the past, present, and future / Jennifer Bonds-Raacke.
Modulation of drug transporter activities by dietary phytochemicals in food sweeteners / Tomohiro Nabekura ... [et al.].
Fast food and the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes: are we doomed to become obese and develop diabetes? / Janusz Kaczorowski, Mamdouh Shubair and Maya Kaczorowski.
Assessing the content of hotdogs and fast food hamburgers : where's the meat? / Brigid E. Prayson and Richard A. Prayson.
Delicious or addictive? / Larry D. Reid. Sweeteners: uses, dietary intake, and health effects / Janet C. Tou, Cindy Fitch and Kayla Bridges.
Allergenicity and immunogenicity of sugar alcohol sweeteners / Yeldur P. Venkatesh and Kundimi Sreenath.
Limitations of hydration in offsetting the decline in exercise performance in experimental settings: fact or fancy? / Frank E. Marino, Monique King.
Is there an anti-inflammatory potential beyond the antioxidant power of cocoa? / Francisco J. Pérez -Cano ... [et al.].
Sugar alcohol-induced diarrhea and antidiarrheal effect of polysaccharides / S. Takeda, T. Takeda and A. Kakigi.
Fructose: a sweet risk of fatty liver disease / Dae Hyun Kim, Steven Ringquist and H. Henry Dong.
Sweeteners, glycemic index, addiction and the obesity epidemic: are they linked? / Simon Thornley.
Small, medium, large or super size?: consumers and fast food representatives perceptions of fast food portion sizes and their attitudes towards environmental interventions aimed at portion size / Willemijn M. Vermeer and Ingrid H.M. Steenhuis.
Polyphenols in cocoa: influence of processes on their composition and biological activities / Monique Lacroix.