Table of Contents

New perspectives on children in the city / Pia Christensen and Margaret O'Brien.
Place, space, and knowledge : children in the village and the city / Pia Christensen.
Children's views of family, home, and house / Gunilla Halldén.
"Displaced" children? risks and opportunities in a Caribbean urban environment / Karen Fog Olwig.
Shaping daily life in urban environments / Helga Zeiher.
Children in the neighbourhood-- the neighborhood in the children / Kim Rasmussen and Søren Smidt.
The street as liminal space : the barbed spaces of childhood / Hugh Mathews.
Neighbourhood quality in children's eyes / Louise Chalwa and Karen Malone.
Reviving children's neighbourhoods : what do children want? / Margaret O'Brien.
Improving the neighbourhood for children : possibilities and limitations of "social capital" discourses / Virginia Morrow.
Planning childhood : children's social participation in the town of adults / Claudio Baraldi