Table of Contents

Chest Imaging Case Atlas; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; With Supplemental Figures Kindly Provided By; SECTION I Normal Thoracic Anatomy; Overview; Airways; Trachea and Main Bronchi; Lobar and Segmental Bronchi; Bronchial Anatomy on CT; Lung Parenchyma Subdivisions; Acinus; Hilar Anatomy; Normal Hilar Relationships; Hilum Overlay; Hilum Convergence; CT Imaging; Pulmonary Vessels; Pulmonary Arteries; Bronchial Arteries; Pulmonary Veins; Pleura; Anatomy; Standard Fissures; Accessory Fissures; Pulmonary Ligament; Lymphatic System. CASE 24 Adenoid Cystic CarcinomaCASE 25 Bronchiectasis; CASE 26 Cystic Fibrosis; CASE 27 Allergic Bronchopulmonary Disease; CASE 28 Proximal Acinar Emphysema; CASE 29 Panacinar Emphysema; CASE 30 Bullous Disease and Distal Acinar Emphysema; CASE 31 Bronchiolitis Obliterans; CASE 32 Common Variable Immune Deficiency Syndrome; SECTION IV Atelectasis; Overview of Mechanisms of Atelectasis; CASE 33 Resorption Atelectasis; CASE 34 Relaxation Atelectasis; CASE 35 Cicatrization Atelectasis; CASE 36 Adhesive Atelectasis; Overview of Radiologic Signs of Atelectasis; Patterns of Lobar Atelectasis. CASE 37 Right Upper Lobe AtelectasisCASE 38 Complicated Right Upper Lobe Atelectasis: Reverse "S" Sign of Golden; CASE 39 Right Lower Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 40 Right Middle Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 41 Right Middle Lobe Syndrome; CASE 42 Left Upper Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 43 Left Lower Lobe Atelectasis; Patterns of Multi-Lobar Atelectasis; CASE 44 Combined Right Middle and Lower Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 45 Combined Right Upper and Middle Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 46 Combined Right Middle and Left Upper Lobe Atelectasis; CASE 47 Total Lung Atelectasis. CASE 9 Pulmonary Arteriovenous MalformationCASE 10 Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return; CASE 11 Scimitar Syndrome; CASE 12 Pulmonary Varix; CASE 13 Heterotaxy; CASE 14 Atrial Septal Defect; CASE 15 Pulmonic Stenosis; CASE 16 Interruption of the Intra-Hepatic Inferior Vena Cava with Azygos Continuation; SECTION III Airways Disease; Overview; CASE 17 Tracheal Stenosis; CASE 18 Saber Sheath Trachea; CASE 19 Tracheobronchomegaly: Mounier-Kuhn Syndrome; CASE 20 Tracheomalacia; CASE 21 Tracheoesophageal Fistula; CASE 22 Tracheobronchial Amyloidosis; CASE 23 Tracheobronchial Papillomatosis. Parietal Lymph NotesVisceral Lymph Notes; Lymph Node Stations; Mediastinum; Mediastinal Compartments; Cross-Sectional Imaging Divisions; The Cervicothoracic Sign; Mediastinal Borders and Interfaces; Mediastinal Lines, Stripes, and Interfaces; The Pericardium; Chest Wall; Diaphragm; SECTION II Developmental Anomalies; Overview; CASE 1 Tracheal Bronchus; CASE 2 Bronchial Atresia; CASE 3 Intralobar Sequestration; CASE 4 Right Aortic Arch; CASE 5 Coarctation of the Aorta; CASE 6 Marfan Syndrome; CASE 7 Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery; CASE 8 Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava.