Table of Contents

New materials and systems for drug delivery and targeting.
The use of bioadhesive polymers as a means of improving drug delivery.
Some novel aspects of transdermal drug delivery.
Controlled drug release using hydrogels based on poly(ethylene glycoles) : macrogels and microgels.
Structural investigations of the monolayers and vesicular bilayers formed by a novel class of nonionic surfactant.
Non-ionic surfactant vesicles and colloidal targeting delivery systems : the role of surfactant conformation.
Monofunctional poly(ethylene glycol) : characterisation and purity for protein-modification applications.
Lactose : the influence of particle size and structure on drug delivery.
Functional differences and regulatory aspects of lactose products labelled as lactose modified.
Flexibility in tablet formulation by use of lactose based direct compression compounds.
Compressional and tableting performance of high density grades of microcrystalline cellulose.
Starch based drug delivey systems.
Trehalose and novel hydrophobic sugar glasses in drug stabilization and delivery.
Aqueous shellac solutions for controlled release coatings. This product is not available separately, it is only sold as part of a set. There are 750 products in the set and these are all sold as one entity.