Table of Contents

Introduction; What is Commissioning?; Safety and Environmental Considerations; A Simplified Commissioning Logic; Intent and Use of the Handbook; The Commissioning Approach; Chapter 1. Commissioning Phase One.
2. Commissioning Phase Two.
Implement; 3. Commissioning Phase Three.
Close-Out; Chapter 4. The Commissioning System File, a Full Catalogue of Blank Commissioning Documents; 1. System P & IDs; 2. Decontamination Procedure and Isolation Register.
3. System Cleaning Checklist and Procedures4. Hazard Study Actions; 5. Equipment Check Sheets, Off- and On-Site Checks; 6. System Punchlists; 7. Action Upon Alarm Sheet; 8. Handover Certificate Construction to Commissioning; 9. Project Documentation Check Sheet Prior to Introduction of Safe Chemicals; 10. Safe Chemical Commissioning Authorization and Pre-Commissioning Procedures; 11. Leak Test Check List and Procedure; 12. Instrument Check Sheet; 13. Motor Check Sheet; 14. Interlock Check Sheet; 15. Emergency Shut-Down Check Sheet; 16. DCS Sequence Test Procedure.
17. Relief Stream Check Sheets18. Critical Insulation Checks; 19. Critical Gasket Checks; 20. Lubrication Check Sheet; 21. PSSR and Plant Check-Out Prior to Introduction of Hazardous Chemicals; 22. Documentation Requirements for Ongoing Maintenance Group; 23. Authority to Introduce Process Chemicals, Check Sheet and Certificate; 24. Commissioning Procedures; 25. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); 26. Commissioning to Operations Handover Certificate; Glossary of Terms; 1. Commissioning Team Meeting Agenda; 2. Commissioning System Documentation Validation Matrix; 3. Control System Fault Log.
4. Loop Test Sheet5. Worked Example of a Knowledge-Based Training Package; 6. Appendix; 7. Example Labels and Tags; 8. Worked Example of a Vendor Shop Inspection Report; 9. Commissioning System Status Chart; 10. Steam Blow Target Plate Configuration. The Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook is a must have for engineers in the chemical process and process plant sectors, or for those refreshing their skills in this area. It provides a guide and reference to preparing a systematic methodology for converting a newly constructed plant, as well as streamlining equipment into an operational process unit. Includes downloadable commissioning process checklists that comply with industry standard best practice which readers can use and adapt for their own situations. The reference focuses on the critical safety assessment and inspection.