Table of Contents

Introduction : Changing educational contexts, issues and identities : 40 years of Comparative education / Michael Crossley, Patricia Broadfoot & Michele Schweisfurth.
Editorial / A.D.C. Peterson.
The purpose of Comparative education / Edmund J. King.
Comparative education research and development education / G.W. Parkyn.
Case study in comparative education : particularity and generalisation / Lawrence Stenhouse.
Changing patterns of educational accountability in England and France / Patricia Broadfoot.
The role of African universities in national development : a critical analysis / Herme J. Mosha.
The American perception of Japanese education / William K. Cummings.
Education in the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus' and Russia / Janusz Tomiak.
Learning and working : elements of the Diploma Disease thesis examined in England and Malaysia / Angela W. Little & Jasbir Sarjit Singh.
Last past the post : comparative education, modernity and perhaps post-modernity / Robert Cowen.
Continuing education in a late-modern or global society : towards a theoretical framework for comparative analysis / Peter Jarvis.
Education and colonial transition in Singapore and Hong Kong : comparisons and contrasts / Jason Tan.
The institutionalization of gender and its impact on educational policy / Nelly P. Stromquist.
Big policies/small world : an introduction to international perspectives in education policy / Stephen J. Ball.
Globalisation and internationalism : democratic prospects for world education / Phillip W. Jones.
Bridging cultures and traditions in the reconceptualisation of comparative and international education / Michael Crossley.
Globalisation and education in the postcolonial world : towards a conceptual framework / Leon Tikly.
Comparing neo-liberal projects and inequality in education / Michael W. Apple.
Comparative education in Greater China : contexts, characteristics, contrasts and contributions / Mark Bray & Gui Qin.
Comparative research in education : a mode of governance or a historical journey? / António Nóvoa & Tali Yariv-Mashal.
Processes of policy borrowing in education : some explanatory and analytical devices / David Phillips & Kimberly Ochs.
Debating globalization and education after September 11 / Fazal Rizvi