Table of Contents

An introduction to the changing economics of technological innovation in medicine / Ethan A. Halm and Annetine C. Gelijns.
The diffusion of new technology : costs and benefits to health care / Peter J. Neumann and Milton C. Weinstein.
The changing economics of pharmaceutical research and development / Henry Grabowski.
Public policy and access to new drugs : the case of cancer chemotherapy / Lee Mortenson.
The impact of public policy on medical device innovation : a case of polyintervention / Susan Bartlett Foote.
The dynamics of medical device innovation : an innovator's perspective / Alan Kahn.
Reimbursement and the dynamics of surgical procedure innovation / Sophia W. Chang and Harold S. Luft.
European policies influencing pharmaceutical innovation / Michael L. Burstall.
Medical device innovation and public policy in the European economic community / John Hutton.
Japan's pharmaceutical industry postwar evolution / Robert Neimeth.
Appendix A : The impact of regulation and reimbursement on pharmaceutical innovation : commentary / Peter Barton Hutt.
Appendix B : The economics of pharmaceutical research and development : an industry perspective : commentary / Francis H. Spiegel, Jr.