Table of Contents

The Cell.
Gene Delivery : Challenges and Opportunities.
Physical Methods of Gene Delivery.
Gene Delivery Using Chemical Methods.
Gene Delivery Using Viral Vectors.
Applications of Gene Therapy.
Antisense Oligonucleotides and Rna Interference.
Protein and Peptide Delivery Through Respiratory Pathway.
Oral Delivery of Proteins and Peptides: Concepts and Applications.
Parenteral delivery of peptides and proteins.
Other Routes of Protein and Peptide Delivery: Transdermal, Topical, Uterine and Rectal. Delivery of therapeutic proteomics and genomics represent an important area of drug delivery research. Genomics and proteomics approaches could be used to direct drug development processes by unearthing pathways involved in disease pathogenesis where intervention may be most successful. This book describes the basics of genomics and proteomics and highlights the various chemical, physical and biological approaches to protein and gene delivery. Covers a diverse array of topics from basic sciences to therapeutic applications of proteomics and genomics delivery Of interest to researchers in both academia and industry Highlights what's currently known and where further research is needed.