Table of Contents

The matrix of American Catholicism.
The dynamics of tradition.
Prisoners in the promised land: neoconservatism as culture and strategy.
Feminism versus the family?.
Welfare reform, American values, and the triumph of Catholic neoconservatism.
Conciliarism and other dormant traditions.
Managerialism and the Catholic deficit.
SNAP and the strategy of confrontation.
Voice of the faithful and the struggle for Catholic pluralism.
The leadership roundtable and the long march through the institutions.
Future Church and the fog of reform.
Two steps forward ....
In the labyrinth.
Conjecture. At the heart of Catholicism's resistance to change in the US is the equation of hierarchical authority with traditional gender roles, especially the subordination of women. This book traces the variably confrontational and incremental strategies of advocacy groups as they struggle to reconcile an age-old culture with the onslaughts of modernity.