Table of Contents

Beyond the year 2000: implications of the Middle East's recent trade performance / Alexander J. Yeats and Francis Ng.
Agricultural trade and rural development in the Middle East and North Africa / Dean A. DeRosa.
Intra-industry trade of Arab countries: an indicator of potential competitiveness / Oleh Havrylyshyn and Peter Kunzel.
Assessing the implications for Lebanon of free trade with the European Union / Will Martin.
A free trade agreement between the European Union and a representative Arab Mediterranean country: a quantitative assessment / Thomas F. Rutherford, Elisabet E. Rutström, and David Tarr.
Rents, red tape, and regionalism: economic effects of deeper integration / Bernard Hoekman and Denise Konan --Enhancing Egypt's exports / James H. Cassing ... [et al.].
Regulatory regimes and trade costs / Jamel Zarrouk.
Strengthening intellectual property rights in Lebanon / Keith E. Maskus.
The Greater Arab Free Trade Area: limits and possibilities / Jamel Zarrouk.
Benefiting from WTO accession and membership / Bernard Hoekman and Jayanta Roy.