Table of Contents

Critical Junctures : Assuring Healthy Outcomes for Adolescents in the New Millennium.
The Economic Impact of Adolescent Health Promotion Policies and Programs.
Social Marketing : An Underutilized Tool for Promoting Adolescent Health.
Enhancing Resilience among Young People : The Role of Communities and Asset-building Approaches to Intervention.
Employment and Training Programs : A Context for Reaching Out of School Youth with Mental Health and Other Health Programs.
Resilience in Action : An Evidence-Informed, Theoretically Driven Approach to Building Strengths in an Office-Based Setting.
Delivering Adolescent Preventive Services in an Office Setting.
Innovative Approaches to Using New Media and Technology in Health Promotion for Adolescents and Young Adults.
We Have the Evidence to Enhance Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health : Do We Have the Will?.
Health Promotion with Adolescent and Young Adult Males : An Empowerment Approach.
Youth Empowerment Solutions for Violence Prevention.
The Importance of Families to Adolescents' Physical Activity and Dietary Intake.
Adolescent Smoking Cessation : Promising Strategies and Evidence-based Recommendations.
Clinical Approaches to Improving Alcohol Education and Counseling in Adolescents and Young Adults.
Emerging Trends and Innovations in the Identification and Management of Drug Use among Adolescents and Young Adults.