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""Foreword ""; ""Acknowledgements ""; ""Table of contents ""; ""Acronyms and abbreviations ""; ""Executive summary ""; ""Assessment and recommendations ""; ""CVD mortality has been falling but it remains the number one killer in OECD countries "" ""CVD and diabetes outcomes vary across countries and strike at different ages """"Healthy lifestyles are key to success but countries have had mixed results in reducing risky behaviours ""; ""Strong anti-tobacco legislation and programmes are having an impact "" ""Governments are becoming more innovative in encouraging healthy lifestyles """"Strengthening primary care for better management of risk factors, diabetes and chronic CVD ""; ""Good access is the foundation of a strong primary care system "" ""Quality in primary care: Evidence of variation across countries """"Quality of care for patients with chronic heart failure: Evidence of within country variation ""; ""Recent efforts to improve primary care quality show promise but no magic potion "" ""Table 0.1. Policies to improve quality of care in primary care """"Integrated and co-ordinated care ""; ""Better information systems to monitor performance ""; ""Pay-for-performance ""; ""Better access to high quality acute care ""; ""More can be done to improve pre-hospital systems for CVD "" ""From the hospital door to treatment: Moving towards faster access to quality care ""