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Front cover; Can't Play Won't Play: Simply Sizzling Ideas to get the Ball Rolling for Children with Dyspraxia; CONTENTS; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; 1 Introduction ... Usually a Really Good Place to Start!; 2 Can't Play Won't Play; 3 Let's Go Swimming; 4 On Your Bike!; 5 Throwing, Catching and Bat and Ball Games; 6 Soccer Crazy: Can We Kick It? Yes We Can!; 7 Rugby: A Game of Up and Under; 8 Skip to My Lou; 9 'French' Skipping ... Ooh La La!; 10 Get Your Skates On; 11 Bounce Back: Rebounding for Fun and Fitness; 12 'B' is for Balance and Ball; 13 Let's Get Physical; 14 Chill Out; Further Reading; APPENDIX 1. Learning to roller skate or ride a bike should be an enjoyable experience, but for a child with developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD, also known as dyspraxia), these activities can lead to frustration and failure. Can't Play Won't Play is full of practical information, tips and hints to enable children with DCD to access and enjoy activities that other children take for granted. Whatever game you choose to try with your child, this book will offer handy hints for developing the necessary skills to make it a fun and rewarding experience. From football and rugby to swimming, skipping and sk.