Table of Contents

Functional Anatomy of the Male Sex Organs.
Functional Anatomy of the Female Sex Organs.
Physiology of Libido.
Physiology of Orgasm.
Physiology of Female Genital Sexual Arousal.
Physiology of Erection.
Physiology of Ejaculation.
Classifying Female Sexual Dysfunction.
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.
Disorders of Female Sexual Arousal.
Disorders of Female Orgasm.
Sexual Pain Disorders.
Erectile Dysfunction: Prevalence and Pathophysiology.
Androgen Deficiency.
Peyronie?s Disease.
Disorders of Ejaculation and Male Orgasm.
The Sexual Health Interview: Male.
The Sexual Health Interview: Female.
Communication About Sexuality and Cancer.
Validated Questionnaires in Female Sexual Function Assessment.
Validated Questionnaires in Male Sexual Function Assessment.
Evaluation of the Female with Sexual Dysfunction.
Evaluation of Male Sexual Dysfunction.
The Impact of Cancer on the Partner?s Sexuality.
Gay and Lesbian Patients with Cancer.
The Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on Sexual Health.
Breast Cancer.
Gynecological Cancers.
Pelvic Surgery for Urological Cancers.
Pelvic Radiation in Men.
Pelvic Radiation in Women.
Impact of Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy on Female Sexual Health.
Impact of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Men?s Sexual Health.
Colorectal Cancer.
Stem Cell Transplant --Sexual Health in the Terminally Ill.
Survivorship: An Overview.
Nutriceuticals in Sexual Health.
Medical Treatments for Sexual Problems in Women.
Surgical Treatments for Sexual Problems in Women.
Sex Therapy in Female Sexual Dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction: Pharmacological Therapy.
Erectile Dysfunction: Devices.
The Management of Premature Ejaculation.
Testosterone Therapy in the Male Cancer Patient.
Sex Therapy in Male Sexual Dysfunction.
Restoring Intimacy in Relationships Affected by Cancer.
Dating and Disclosure for Cancer Survivors.