Table of Contents

1. Introduction: perspectives on child language / Edith L. Bavin.
Part I. Theoretical and Methodological Approaches.
Innateness and learnability / Virginia Valian.
Statistical learning / Eric Thiessen.
Neurocognition of language development / Angela D. Friederici.
The usage-based theory of language acquisition / Michael Tomasello.
Crosslinguistic approaches to language acquisition / Sabine Stoll.
Part II. Early Developments.
Speech perception / Dan Hufnagle and Suzanne Curtin.
Crosslinguistic perspectives on segmentation and categorization in early language acquisition / Barbara Höhle.
From gesture to word / Susan Goldin-Meadow.
Part III. Phonology, Morphology and Syntax.
A dynamic systems approach to babbling and words / Marilyn M. Vihman, Rory A. DePaolis and Tamar Keren-Portnoy.
The prosody of syllables, words and morphemes / Katherine Demuth.
Grammatical categories / Heike Behrens.
Verb argument structure / Shanley Allen.
The first language acquisition of complex sentences / Barbara C. Lust, Claire Foley and Cristina Dye.
The morphosyntax interface / Kamil Ud Deen.
Part IV. Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse.
Lexical meaning / Eve V. Clark.
Sentence scope / Stephen Crain.
Sentence processing / Jesse Snedeker.
Pragmatic development / Judith Becker-Bryant.
Language development in narrative contexts / Ruth A. Berman.
Part V. Varieties of Development.
Children with two languages / Barbara Zurer Pearson.
Sign language acquisition studies / Diane Lillo-Martin.
Children with specific language impairment / J. Bruce Tomblin.
Language symptoms and their possible sources in specific language impairment / Laurance B. Leonard.
The language of children with autism / Rhiannon J. Luyster and Catherine Lord.
Language development in genetic disorders / Fiona M. Richardson and Michael S. C. Thomas.