Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Introduction: Application of Proteomic Technologies for the Analysis of Microbial Infections / Jiri Stulik, Patrick Butaye.
Basic Proteomic Methods. Separation of Proteins and Peptides / Ludovit Skultety.
Basic Mass Spectrometric Approaches / Lenka Hernychova, Martin Hubalek.
Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Approaches / Juraj Lenco, Vojtech Tambor.
BN-PAGE of Microbial Protein Complexes / Jiri Dresler, Jana Klimentova.
Analysis of Glycoproteins / Lucie Balonova, Lenka Hernychova.
Identification of Proteins and Glycans from Microorganisms as Candidate Molecules for Use in Detection/Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prophylaxis. Comparative Proteome Analysis of Strains with Differential Virulence / Martin Hubalek, Ivona P̀vkov̀.
Analysis of Acetonitrile Extracts / Lenka Hernychova, Martin Hubalek, Jana Udrzalova.
Analysis of Culture Filtrate Proteins of / Klara Konecna, Martin Hubalek, Lenka Hernychova.
Lipopolysaccharides of : Chemical Composition and Structure, and their Role in Diagnosis of Q Fever / Rudolf Toman, Pavol Vadovic.
Mimivirus Possesses Anonymous and Unique Gene Products Endowed for Antigenic Properties / Patricia Renesto, Didier Raoult.
Detection of Differentially Modified Pathogen Proteins by Western Blot after 2D Gel Electrophoresis and Identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF / Fred Fack, Julia Kessler, Patrick Pirrotte, Jacques Kremer, Dominique Revets, Wim Ammerlaan, Claude P Muller.
Composition and Structure of Lipid A of the Intracellular Bacteria and / Pavol Vadovic, Robert Ihnatko, Rudolf Toman.
Proteins of and Analysis of their Function / Robert Ihnatko, Pavol Vadovic, Rudolf Toman.
Subtype and Toxin Variant Identification of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type a Using Proteomics Techniques / Suzanne R Kalb, Jakub Baudys, Theresa J Smith, James L Pirkle, John R Barr.
Protein Microarrays for Antigen Discovery / Mohan Natesan, Sarah Keasey, Robert G Ulrich.
MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Rapid Identification of Highly Pathogenic Microorganisms / Peter Lasch, Dieter Naumann.
Analysis of Host₆Pathogen Interactions. Quantitative Proteomic Profiling of the Interaction of LVS with Macrophages Using J774.2 Cell Line / Anetta Hartlova, Marek Link, Juraj Lenco, Jiri Stulik.
Proteome Analysis of Bacterial Protein Expression after Ingestion of Microbes by Macrophages / Martin Brychta, Ivona P̀vkov̀.