Table of Contents

Part I: Diagnostic procedures. The neurological examination.
Lesion localization and differential diagnosis.
Clinical pathology.
Tissue biopsy.
Genetic diseases.
Part 2: Neurological presentations. Seizures.
Coma, stupor and mentation change.
Disorders of eyes and vision.
Head tilt and nystagmus.
Neurological abnormalities of the head and face.
Tremors, involuntary movements and paroxysmal disorders-- Neck and back pain.
Exercise intolerance and collapse.
Tail, anal and bladder dysfunction.
Neurological emergencies.
Part 3: Therapeutics. Anaesthesia and analgesia.
Principles of neurosurgery.
Drug therapy for diseases of the central nervous system.
Radiation therapy of the nervous system.
Rehabilitation of the neurological patient.
Treatment of neurological disorders with traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.
Appendices. Neurological disorders associated with cat and dog breeds.
DAMNITV classification of diseases.
Conversion tables.