Table of Contents

Diabetes mellitus / Andrew W. Norris & Joseph I. Wolfsdorf.
Hypoglycemia : assessment and management / Andrew Cotterill, David Cowley & Ristan Greer.
Childhood obesity / Michael Freemark.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome / M. Isabel Hernandez & Verónica Mericq.
Weight regulation and monogenic obesity / I. Sadaf Farooqi.
Ethical issues in clinical paediatric endocrinology / Leena Patel & Peter E. Clayton. Evaluation of growth disorders / Jerry K. Wales.
Management of disordered growth / Steven D. Chernausek.
Evaluation and management of late effects of cancer treatment / Helena K. Gleeson & Stephen M. Shalet.
Evaluation and management of disorders of sex development / Ieuan A. Hughes.
Evaluation of disordered puberty / Mehul T. Dattani, Vaitsa Tziaferi & Peter C. Hindmarsh. Genetics and genomics / Peter A. Kopp.
Principles of hormone action / Melissa Westwood.
Measuring hormones, molecular tests and their clinical application / Jan M. Wit, Marcel Karperien & Bart E.P.B. Ballieux.
Congenital disorders of the hypothalamo-pituitary-somatotrope axis / Ameeta Mehta, Evelien F. Gevers & Mehul T. Dattani.
Acquired disorders of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis / Kyriaki-Sandy Alatzoglou & Mehul T. Dattani. Management of disordered puberty / Jakub Mieszczak, Christopher P. Houk & Peter A. Lee.
The thyroid / Rosalind S. Brown.
The adrenal cortex and its disorders / Walter L. Miller.
Polyglandular syndromes / Catherine J. Owen, Timothy D. Cheetham & Simon H.S. Pearce.
Disorders of water balance / David R. Repaske.
The parathyroid and disorders of calcium and bone metabolism / Jeremy Allgrove.
Endocrine neoplasia in childhood / Joanne C. Blair. A benchmark reference textbook. An exceptional editorial team and internationally renowned contributors come together to bring you Brook's Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology . This new book is full of practical advice and is essential reading for everyone involved in the care of children and adolescents with endocrine disease and disorders. This outstanding reference book has been fully updated to feature new concepts, new investigations and new molecular mechanisms and is full of practical, clinical advice. The perfect text for pediatric endocrinologists, endocrinologists and pediatricians.