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Bright Futures Nutrition Pocket Guide.
Cover Page; Editor: Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD / Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics; AAP Staff; Table of Contents; Building Bright Futures: Nutrition; Bright Futures: Nutrition Vision and Goals; About Bright Futures: Nutrition; Nutrition Supervision; Nutrition Tools. Handy pocket guide to accompany the new 3rd edition of Bright Futures Nutrition. Handy go-anywhere tool provides ready access to key points from the comprehensive Bright Futures: Nutrition. Bulletted format highlights the essentials of nutritional screening, assessment, and supervision for each developmental period. Contents includes: Building Bright Futures: Nutrition, Bright Futures: Vision and goals, About Bright Futures: Nutrition, Infancy (Prenatal - Age 11 Months), Early Childhood (Ages 1-4), Middle Childhood (Ages 5-10), Adolescence (Ages 11-21), Key Indicators of Nutrition Risk for Ch.