Table of Contents

Introduction. The Biological Basis of Fruit Quality / Harold C Passam, Ioannis C Karapanos, Alexios A Alexopoulos.
Strategies for Improving Specific Fruit Quality Traits. Fruit Organoleptic Properties and Potential for Their Genetic Improvement / Detlef Ulrich, Klaus Olbricht.
Breeding for Fruit Nutritional and Nutraceutical Quality / Jacopo Diamanti, Maurizio Battino, Bruno Mezzetti.
Fruit Shelf Life and Potential for Its Genetic Improvement / Jose A Mercado, Fernando Pliego-Alfaro, Miguel A Quesada.
Breeding of Hypoallergenic Fruits / Zhong-shan Gao, Luud JWJ Gilissen.
Impact of Breeding and Yield on Fruit, Vegetable, and Grain Nutrient Content / Donald R Davis.
Transgenic Approaches to Improve Fruit Quality / Yuepeng Han, Schuyler S Korban.
Improving the Quality of Specific Fruits. Breeding for Fruit Quality in Apple / Hiroshi Iwanami.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in / Rodrigo Infante, Pedro Martinez-Gomez, Stefano Predieri.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in Strawberry / Jeremy A Pattison.
Molecular Breeding of Grapevine for Aromatic Quality and Other Traits Relevant to Viticulture / Francesco Emanuelli, Juri Battilana, Laura Costantini, M Stella Grando.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in Melon / Juan Pablo Fernandez-Trujillo, Beln Pic, Jordi Garcia-Mas, Jose Maria Alvarez, Antonio J Monforte.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in Tomato / Mathilde Causse, Rebecca Stevens, Besma Ben Amor, Mireille Faurobert, Sťphane Mųos.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in Pepper (spp.) / Ilan Paran, Eli Fallik.
The Time and Place for Fruit Quality in Olive Breeding / Luis Rallo, Milad El Riachy, Pilar Rallo.
Breeding for Fruit Quality in Citrus / Ziniu Deng, Juan Xu. A renewed effort to improve fruit yield and quality is underway worldwide, as is evidenced by the specialty crop research initiatives being supported by many national and international agricultural agencies. Although significant advances are expected in areas of field production and postharvest practices, genetic approaches to improving appearance, nutritional value, and storage life are at the avant-garde of fruit breeding research. Breeding for Fruit Quality presents a thorough analysis of plant breeding efforts to improve fruit quality, as well as a contemporary understanding of the physiol.