Table of Contents

The normal breast and benign diseases of the breast / Samia Nawaz.
Ductal and lobular proliferations : preinvasive breast disease / Meenakshi Singh and Jon V. Rittenbach.
Invasive breast cancer / Michael D. Stamatakos.
Risk factors and risk assessment / Nancy S. Goldman and Constance R. Ziegfeld.
Genetics / Jennifer E. Axilbund, Amy L. Gross, and Kala Visvanthan.
Strategies for risk reduction / Anna Voltura and Lisa Jacobs.
Nutrition and lifestyle / Lisa Ware Corbin.
Radiologic techniques for early detection and diagnosis / John M. Lewin.
Screening of high-risk patients / James P. Borgstede and Brian Bagrosky.
Minimally invasive breast biopsy / Steve H. Parker, Terese I. Kaske, and Judy L. Chavez.
Surgical biopsy / Elizabeth Prier.
Surgical therapy of early breast cancer / Michael Ford and Christina A. Finlayson.
Breast reconstruction after mastectomy / Alex Colque, Hanjoon Song, and Erica D. Anderson.
Oncoplastic surgical techniques for the partial mastectomy / Chin-Yau Chen, Kristine E. Calhoun, and Benjamin O. Anderson.
Axillary management / M. Catherine Lee and Michael S. Sabel.
Radiation oncology / Richard Zellars, Timothy George, and Lee Myers.
Neoadjuvant therapy / Susanne Briest and Vered Stearns.
Cost-effective staging of breast cancer / Virginia F. Borges and Lara Hardesty.
Adjuvant systemic therapy / Anthony D. Elias, Daniel Bowles, and Peter Kabos.
Surveillance and detection of recurrence of breast cancer / Peter Kabos and Virginia F. Borges.
The use of molecular profiles in the management of breast cancer / Anthony D. Elias.
Partial breast irradiation / Rachel Rabinovitch.
Breast cancer and pregnancy / Scott W. McGee and Donald C. Doll.
Mammary ductoscopy / Edward R. Sauter. Each volume in the Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer Series is packed with practical, authoritative information designed to cover the full range of diagnostic procedures, including pathologic, radiologic, bronchoscopic, and surgical aspects. You₂