Table of Contents

Forward to the 1925 Pacific Biological Laboratories Catalog.
"Zoological introduction" To Between Pacific Tides.
"The philosophy of 'breaking through'".
"A spiritual morphology of poetry".
"Essay on non-teleological thinking".
"Verbatim transcription of notes of Gulf of California trip, March-April 1940".
"Thesis and materials for a script on Mexico".
"Outline and conspectus" for a book on the Mandated Islands.
"Transcript of summer 1945 and 1946 notes based on trips to the Outer Shores, West Coast of Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands, and so on".
"Investigator blames industry, nature for shortage." This unprecedented collection, featuring previously unpublished pieces as well as others for the first time in their original from, reflects the wide scope of Ricketts's scientific philosophical, and literary interests during the years he lived and worked on Cannery Row in Monterey, California.