Table of Contents

On the origins of French ethnology : William Edwards and the doctrine of race / Claude Blanckaert.
The minds of beavers and the minds of humans : natural suggestion, natural selection and experiment in the work of Lewis Henry Morgan / Marc Swetlitz.
Prologue to a scientific forgery : the British Eolithic movement from Abbeville to Piltdown / Frank Spencer.
The Shadow man paradigm in paleoanthropology, 1911-1945 / Michael Hammond.
From Anthropologie to Rassenkunde in the German anthropological tradition / Robert Proctor.
Mobilizing scientists against Nazi racism, 1933-1939 / Elazar Barkan.
Remodelling the human way of life : Sherwood Washburn and the new physical anthropology, 1950-1980 / Donna J. Haraway.