Table of Contents

Biodegradable composites for bone regeneration / Luigi Calandrelli ... [et al.].
BMP signaling and bone formation / Hue H. Luu ... [et al.].
Bone regeneration : growth factors, augmentation procedures and tissue engineering application / Ana Claudia Muniz Renno, Mariza Matsumoto and Daniel Araki Ribeiro.
Bone tissue engineering : synthetic materials and stem cells / E.I. Kulneva, S.V. Korzhikova and A.S. Teplyashin.
Platelet rich plasma : highlights and shadows from the bench to the bedside / E. Cenni ... [et al.].
Bone regeneration by octacalcium phosphate and collagen composites / Shinji Kamakura, Takahisa Anada and Osamu Suzuki.
Gelatin based microcarriers for bone tissue engineering / H. Declercq ... [et al.].
The induction of bone formation from non-human to human primates : bone tissue engineering from laboratory to patients / Ugo Ripamonti, June Teare and Carlo Ferretti.
Mechanisms of bony repair at the injured growth plate cartilage / Cory J. Xian.
Application of carbon nanotubes on scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration / Naoto Saito ... [et al.].
Proteases as therapeutic targets in bone regeneration / E.S. Lee and T.R. Yoon.
Ex vivo gene therapy in autologous bone marrow stromal stem cells for tissue-engineered craniomaxillofacial bone regeneration / Long-Bin Jeng ... [et al.].