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Bone Quantitative Ultrasound; Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1 Bone Overview; Chapter 2 Introduction to the Physics of Ultrasound; Chapter 3 Quantitative Ultrasound Instrumentation for Bone In Vivo Characterization; Chapter 4 Clinical Applications; Chapter 5 Poromechanical Models; Chapter 6 Scattering by Trabecular Bone; Chapter 7 GuidedWaves in Cortical Bone; Chapter 8 Numerical Methods for Ultrasonic Bone Characterization; Chapter 9 Homogenization Theories and Inverse Problems; Chapter 10 Linear Acoustics of Trabecular Bone. Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) of bone is a relatively recent research field. The research community is steadily growing, with interdisciplinary branches in acoustics, medical imaging, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, bone biology and clinical sciences, resulting in significant achievements in new ultrasound technologies to measure bone, as well as models to elucidate the interaction and the propagation of ultrasonic wave in complex bone structures. Hundreds of articles published in specialists journals are accessible from the Web and from electronic libraries. However.