Table of Contents

Introduction : the nature, culture, and sustainability of blackland prairies / Evan Peacock and Timothy Schauwecker.
Paleoenvironment and biogeography of the Mississippi Black Belt : evidence from insects / Richard L. Brown.
Terrestrial gastropods from archaeological contexts in the Black Belt province of Mississippi / Evan Peacock and Rebecca Melsheimer.
The application of a small-mammal model in paleoenvironmental analysis / S. Homes Hogue.
A comparison of three methods of paleoenvironmental analysis at an archaeological site on the Mississippi Black Prairie / Evan Peacock and Mary Celeste Reese.
Louisiana prairies / Michael H. MacRoberts, Barbara R. MacRoberts, and Lynn Stacey Jackson.
Blackland prairie landscapes of southwestern Arkansas : historical perspective, present status, and restoration potential / Thomas L. Foti ... [et al.].
A plant community classification for Arkansas's blackland prairie ecosystem / Douglas Zollner, Scott Simon, and Thomas L. Foti.
Plant and soil interactions in prairie remnants of the Jackson Prairie Region, Mississippi / L.P. Moran, D.E. Pettry, and R.E. Switzer.
Prehistoric settlement patterning on the Mississippi Black Prairie / Janet Rafferty.
Water-resource controls on human habitation in the Black Prairie of north-central Mississippi / Darrel W. Schmitz, Charles L. Wax, and Evan Peacock.
Osage orange bows, Indian horses, and the blackland prairie of northeastern Texas / Frank F. Schambach.
Rediscovery and management of prairie remnants of the Bienville National Forest, east-central Mississippi / Dean Elsen and Ronald Wieland.
Plant assemblage response to disturbance at a blackland prairie restoration site in northeastern Mississippi / Timothy Schauwecker and John MacDonald.
Restoration of a prairie remnant in the Black Belt of Mississippi / Sherrill Wiygul, Kay Krans, Richard Brown, and Victor Maddox.
Priorities for the future : planning for sustainable multiple use / Thomas W. Schurch.
Conclusion : theory and applications in the study of human/nature interactions / Evan Peacock and Timothy Schauwecker. This comprehensive study of one of the most ecologically rich regions of the Southeast underscores the relevance of archaeological research in understanding long-term cultural change. Taking a holistic approach, this compilation gathers ecological, historical, and archaeological research written on the distinctive region of the Southeast called the Gulf coast blackland prairie. Ranging from the last glacial period to the present day, the case studies provide a broad picture of how the area has changed through time and been modified by humans, first with nomadic bands of Indians trailing the gr.