Table of Contents

A country boy.
Shedding the shackles of Natchez.
The nation's capital-a city of inconsistencies.
Being a doctor is not enough.
The battle continues.
A year at the helm.
Health care for all.
Battles on the home front.
The turmoil of the sixties.
City of hope, city of despair.
Continuing challenges and new honors. "This biography traces the career of an African American physician and civil rights advocate, Edward Craig Mazique (1911-1987), from the poverty and discrimination of Natchez, Mississippi, to his status as a prominent physician in Washington, D.C. Florence Ridlon relates how Dr. Mazique's grandfather went from being a slave to becoming one of the largest landowners in Adams County, Mississippi. This story of one man's accomplishments, in spite of many opposing forces, is also a chapter in the struggle of African Americans to achieve equality in the twentieth century."--Jacket.