Table of Contents

""PREFACE TO THE FOURTH EDITION""; ""PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION""; ""PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION""; ""PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION""; ""CONTENTS""; ""SECTION THE FIRST THE NATURE OF DATA AND STATISTICS ""; ""The Basics""; ""Looking at the Data A First Look at Graphing Data ""; ""Describing the Data with Numbers Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion ""; ""The Normal Distribution ""; ""Probability""; ""Elements of Statistical Inference ""; ""C.R.A.P. DETECTORS ""; ""SECTION THE SECOND ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE ""; ""Comparing Two Groups The t-Test "" ""More than Two Groups One-Way ANOVA """"Factorial ANOVA""; ""Two Repeated Observations The Paired t-Test and Alternatives ""; ""Repeated-Measures ANOVA ""; ""Multivariate ANOVA (MANOVA) ""; ""C.R.A.P. DETECTORS ""; ""SECTION THE THIRD REGRESSION AND CORRELATION ""; ""Simple Regression and Correlation ""; ""Multiple Regression""; ""Logistic and Poisson Regression""; ""Advanced Topics in Regression and ANOVA ""; ""Measuring Change""; ""Analysis of Longitudinal Data:Hierarchical Linear Modeling ""; ""Principal Components and Factor Analysis Fooling Around with Factors "" ""Path Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling """"C.R.A.P. DETECTORS ""; ""SECTION THE FOURTH NON-PARAMETRIC STATISTICS ""; ""Tests of Significance for Categorical Frequency Data ""; ""Measures of Association for Categorical Data ""; ""Tests of Significance for Ranked Data ""; ""Measures of Association for Ranked Data ""; ""Survival Analysis""; ""Measures of Impact""; ""C.R.A.P. DETECTORS ""; ""SECTION THE FIFTH REPRISE""; ""Equivalence and Non-Inferiority Testing ""; ""Screwups, Oddballs, and Other Vagaries of Science ""; ""Putting It All Together""; ""Getting Started with SPSS"" ""Test Yourself""""Answers to Chapter Exercises ""; ""References and Further Reading ""; ""An Unabashed Glossaryof Statistical Terms""; ""Appendix""; ""Index""