Table of Contents

Biorefinery systems-an overview.
Biomass refining global impact.
Development of biorefineries.
Biorefineries for the chemical industry-a Dutch point of view.
The lignocellulosic biorefinery-a strategy for returning to a sustainable source of fuels and industrial organic chemicals.
Lignocellulosic feedstock biorefinery: history and plant development for biomass hydrolysis.
The biofine process-production of levulinic acid, furfural and formic acid from lignocellulosic feedstocks.
A whole crop biorefinery system: a closed system for the manufacture of non-food products from cereals.
Iogen's demonstration process for producing ethanol from cellulosic biomass.
Sugar-based biorefinery-technology for integrated production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate), sugar, and ethanol.
Biomass refineries based on hybrid thermochemical-biological processing-an overview.
The green biorefiner concept-fundamentals and potential.
Plant juice in the biorefinery-use of plant juice as fermentation medium.
Biomass commercialization and agriculture residue collection.
The corn wet milling and corn dry milling industry-a base for biorefinery technology developments.
Enzymes for biorefineries.
Biocatalytic and catalytic routes for the production of bulk and fine chemicals from renewable resources.
The key sugars of biomass: availability, present non-food uses and potential future development lines.
Industrial starch platform-status quo of production, modification and application.
Lignocellulosic-based chemical products and product family trees.
Lignin chemistry and its role in biomass conversion.
Industrial lignin production and applications.
Protein line and amino acid-based product family trees.
Towards integration of biorefinery and microbial amino acid production.
Protein-based polymers: mechanistic foundations for bioproduction and engineering.
New syntheses with oils and fats as renewable raw materials for the chemical industry.
Industrial development and application of biobased olechemicals.
Phytochemicals, dyes, and pigments in the biorefinery context.
Adding color to green chemistry? an overview of the fundamentals of chlorophylls.
Industrial chemicals from biomass-industrial concepts.
Succinic acid-a model building block for chemical production from renewable resources.
Polylactic acid from renewable resources.
biobased consumer products for cosmetics.
Industrial biotech-setting conditions to capitalize on the economic potential.