Table of Contents

Benign fibrosing lesions.
Cellular benign lesions of fibromlasts & myofribroblasts.
Cutaneous spindle cell tumors.
Intra-abdominal spindle-cell tumors.
Smooth muscle tumors.
Myofibroma, myopericytic tumors, myoeithelioma, and myofribroblastoma.
Tumors of specialized lower genital tract mesenchyme.
Benign nerve sheath tumors.
Spindle cell sarcomas.
Epithelioid tumors.
Clear cell tumors.
Pleomorphic soft tissue tumors.
Small round cell tumors.
Benign adipose tissue lesions.
Superficial vascular lesions and mimics of vascular lesions.
Deep vascular tumors.
Tumors with osteochondroid differentiation.
Superficial myxoid lesions.
Deep myxoid lesions.
Plexiform soft tissuetumors.
Tumors with giant cells.