Table of Contents

Biosystematics of Biomphalaria spp. with an emphasis on Biomphalaria glabrata / Philippe Jarne, Jena-Pierre Pointier, and Patrice David.
Laboratory rearing of Biomphalaria glabrata snails and maintenance of larval schistosomes in vivo and in vitro / L.K. Eveland and M.A. Haseeb.
Biomphalaria : natural history, ecology and schistosome transmission / David Rollinson.
Studies of Biomphalaria snails infected with larval trematodes using chromatography and atomic spectrometry / Joseph Sherma and Bernard Fried.
Effects of larval schistosomes on Biomphalaria snails / Judith Humphries.
Effects of nonschistosome larval trematodes on Biomphalaria snails / Jose-Guillermo Esteban ... [et al.].
Immunobiology of Biomphalaria-trematode interactions / Timothy P. Yoshino and Christine Coustau.
Advances in the genomics and proteomics of the freshwater intermediate snail host of Schistosoma mansoni, Biomphalaria glabrata / Wannaporn Ittiprasert ... [et al.].
The biological control of the snail hosts of schistosomes : the role of competitor snails and biological invasions / Jean-Pierre Pointier, Patrice David, and Philippe Jarne.