Table of Contents

Invited papers. Computational intelligence and image processing methods for applications in skin cancer diagnosis / Maciej Ogorzalek, Grzegorz Surówka, Leszek Nowak, and Christian Merkwirth.
Affective man-machine interface : unveiling human emotions through biosignals / Egon L. van den Broek, Viliam Lisý, Joris H. Janssen, Joyce H.D.M. Westerink, Marleen H. Schut, and Kees Tuinenbreijer.
Part I : BIODEVICES. On-chip biosensors based on microwave detection for cell scale investigations / Claire Dalmay, Arnaud Pothier, M. Cheray, Fabrice Lalloué, Marie-Odile Jauberteau, and Pierre Blondy.
Improvements of a brain-computer interface applied to a robotic wheelchair.
André Ferreira, Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho, Mário Sarcinelli-Filho, José Luis Martín Sánchez, Juan Carlos García García, and Manuel Mazo Quintas.
Wavelet-based and morphological analysis of the global flash multifocal ERG for open angle glaucoma characterization / J.M. Miguel-Jiménez, S. Ortega, I. Artacho, L. Boquete, J.M. Rodríguez-Ascariz, P. De La Villa, and R. Blanco.
Biotin-Streptavidin sensitive bioFETs and their properties / Thomas Windbacher, Viktor Sverdlov, and Siegfried Selberherr.
Improving patient safety with X-ray and anesthesia machine ventilator synchronization : a medical device interoperability case study / David Arney, Julian M. Goldman, Susan F. Whitehead, and Insup Lee.
A ceramic microfluidic device for monitoring complex biochemical reactive systems / Walter Smetana, Bruno Balluch, Ibrahim Atassi, Philipp Kügler, Erwin Gaubitzer, Michael Edetsberger, and Gottfried Köhler.
Knee angle estimation algorithm for myoelectric control of active transfemoral prostheses / Alberto López Delis, João Luiz Azevedo de Carvalho, Adson Ferreira da Rocha, Francisco Assis de Oliveira Nascimento, and Geovany Araújo Borges.
Micro droplet transfer between superhydrophobic surfaces via a high adhesive superhydrophobic surface / Daisuke Ishii, Hiroshi Yabu, and Masatusgu Shimomura.
Part II : BIOSIGNALS. Study on biodegradation process of polyethylene glycol with exponential glowth of microbial population / Masaji Watanabe and Fusako Kawai.
Variable down-selection for brain-computer interfaces / Nuno S. Dias, Mst Kamrunnahar, Paulo M. Mendes, Steven J. Schiff, and Jose H. Correia.
Effect of a simulated analogue telephone channel on the performance of a remote automatic system for the detection of pathologies in voice : impact of linear distortions on cepstrum-based assessment : band limitation, frequency response and additive noise / Rubén Fraile, Nicolás Sáenz-Lechón, Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente, Víctor Osma-Ruiz, and Corinne Fredouille.
A biologically-inspired visual saliency model to test different strategies of saccade programming / Tien Ho-Phuoc, Anne Guérin-Dugué, and Nathalie Guyader.
Transition detection for brain computer interface classification / Ricardo Aler, Inés M. Galván, and José M. Valls.
Tuning iris recognition for noisy images / Artur Ferreira, André Lourenço, Bárbara Pinto, and Jorge Tendeiro.
Three-dimensional reconstruction of macroscopic features in biological materials / Michal Krumnikl, Eduard Sojka, Jan Gaura, and Oldřich Motyka.
Wavelet transform analysis of the power spectrum of centre of pressure signals to detect the critical point interval of postural control / Neeraj Kumar Singh, Hichem Snoussi, David Hewson, and Jacques Duchêne.
Early detection of severe apnoea through voice analysis and automatic speaker recognition techniques / Ruben Fernández, Jose Luis Blanco, David Díaz, Luis A. Hernández, Eduardo López, and José Alcázar.
Automatic detection of atrial fibrillation for mobile devices / Stefanie Kaiser, Malte Kirst, and Christophe Kunze.
Speaker-adaptive speech recognition based on surface electromyography / Michael Wand and Tanja Schultz.
Towards the development of a thyroid ultrasound biometric scheme based on tissue echo-morphological features / José C.R. Seabra and Ana L.N. Fred.
Part III : HEALTHINF. Collecting, analyzing, and publishing massive data about the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy / Lorenzo Montserrat, Jose Antonio Cotelo-Lema, Miguel R. Luaces, and Diego Seco.
BredeQuery : coordinate-based meta-analytic search of neuroscientific literature from the SPM environment / Bartlomiej Wilkowski, Marcin Szewczyk, Peter Mondrup Rasmussen, Lars Kai Hansen, and Finn Årup Nielsen.
Simulation of ECG repolarization phase with improved model of cell action potentials / Roman Trobec, Matjaž Depolli, and Viktor Avbelj.
Advances in computer-based autoantibodies analysis / Paolo Soda and Giulio Iannello.
Support vector machine diagnosis of acute abdominal pain / Malin Björnsdotter, Kajsa Nalin, Lars-Erik Hansson, and Helge Malmgren.
Near field communication and health : turning a mobile phone into an interactive multipurpose assistant in healthcare scenarios / Giuliano Benelli and Alessandro Pozzebon.
Electronic health records : an enhanced security paradigm to preserve patient's privacy / Daniel Slamanig and Christian Stingl.
Augmented feedback system to support physical therapy of non-specific low back pain / Dominique Brodbeck, Markus Degen, Michael Stanimirov, Jan Kool, Mandy Scheermesser, Peter Oesch, and Cornelia Neuhaus.
Multi-analytical approaches informing the risk of sepsis / Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Benoit Lewden, Selam Mequanint, and Michael Bauer.