Table of Contents

1. Principles and instrumentation / P. Ingram, J.D. Shelburne, and Ann Lefurgey.
2. Preparatory techniques, including cryotechnology / Ann Lefurgey, John D. Shelburne, and Peter Ingram.
3. Overview of applications in medicine / Thomas A. Sporn ... [et al.].
4. Diagnostic applications of confocal microscopy / James L. Caruso, Richard M. Levenson, and David N. Howell.
5. Light microscopical analytical techniques / Walter C. McCrone.
6. Microprobe analysis in pulmonary pathology / Josh W. McDonald ... [et al.].
7. Microprobe analysis in forensic medicine / Semih Genculu and Thomas Ackerson.
8. Principles of tissue preparation for high-resolution quantitative X-ray microanalysis: retaining the quasi in vivo geometry and elemental distribution in muscle cells / J.R. Sommer ... [et al.].
9. Microprobe analysis of urinary stones / Tim D. Oury, Ann Lefurgey, and Victor L. Roggli.
10. X-ray microanalytical studies of epithelial cells with reference to cystic fibrosis / Godfried M. Roomans.
11. Microprobe analysis in hepatic metal overload disease states / Mary Kay Washington and Steven S. Barham.
12. X-ray microanalysis of the integument / Bo Forslind.
13. Applications of energy dispersive microprobe analysis in ophthalmic pathology / Charleen T. Chu and Gordon K. Klintworth.
14. Ionic regulation of proliferation in normal and cancer cells / Nancy K. Rodman Smith and Ivan L. Cameron.
15. Secondary ion mass spectrometry / Jack G. Goldsmith, Dennis B. Lazof, and Richard W. Linton.
16. Laser microprobe mass spectrometry: applications to biological specimens / Victor L. Roggli, Richard W. Linton, and I.H. Musselman.
Index. Principles and Instrumentation, P. Ingram, J.D. Shelburne and A. Lefurgey..
Preparatory Techniques, Including Cryotechniques, A. Lefurgey, J.D. Shelburne and P. Ingram..
Overview of Applications in Medicine, T.A. Sporn, J.D. Shelburne, V.L. Roggli and P. Ingram..
Diagnostic Applications of Confocal Microscopy, J.L. Caruso, R.M. Levenson and D.N. Howell..
Light Microscopical Analytical Techniques, W.C. McCrone..
Microprobe Analysis in Pulmonary Pathology, J.W. McDonald, V.L. Roggli, A. Churg and J.D. Shelburne..
Microbe Analysis in Forensic Medicine, S. Genculu and T. Ackerson..
Principles of Tissue Preparation for High-Resolution Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis: Retaining the Quasi in vivo Geometry and Elemental Distribution in Muscle Cells, J.R. Sommer, I. Taylor, P. Ingram, R. Nassar and T.D. High..
Microprobe Analysis of Urinary Stones, T.D. Oury, A. Lefurgey and V.L. Roggli..
X-ray Microanalytical Studies of Epithelial Cells with Reference to Cystic Fibrosis, G.M. Roomans..
Microprobe Analysis in Hepatic Metal Overload Disease States, M.K. Washington and S.S. Barham..
X-ray Microanalysis of the Integument, B. Forslind..
Applications of Energy Dispersive Microprobe Analysis in Opthalmic Pathology, C.T. Chu and G.K. Klintworth..
Ionic Regulation of Proliferation in Normal and Cancer Cells, N.K. Rodman Smith and I.L. Cameron..
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, J.G. Goldsmith, D.B. Lazof and R.W. Linton..
Laser Microprobe Mass Spectrometry: Applications to Biological Specimens, V.L. Roggli, R.W. Linton and I.H. Musselman..
Index. Biomedical Applications of Microprobe Analysis is a combination reference/laboratory manual for the use of microprobe analysis in both clinical diagnostic and research settings. Also called microchemical microscopy, microprobe analysis uses high-energy bombardment of cells and tissue, in combination with high resolution EM or confocal microscopy to provide a profile of the ion, metal, and mineral concentrations present in a sample. This allows insight into the physiology and pathophysiology of a wide variety of cells and tissues. This book describes methods for obtaining detailed information about the identity and composition of particles too small to be seen with the naked eye and describes how this information can be useful in diagnostic and biomedical research. Key Features * Up-to-date review of electron microprobe analysis * Detailed descriptions of sample preparation techniques * Recent technologies including confocal microscopy, infrared microspectroscopy, and laser raman spectroscopy * Over 100 illustrations with numerous specific applications * Contributions by world-renowned experts in the field * Brief summary of highlights precedes each chapter.