Table of Contents

Mechanical properties of bone tissue / Maureen E. Lynch and Marjolein C.H. van der Meulen.
Animal models for biological/biomechanical assessment of endosseous implants / Murat Çehreli.
Nanotopography in dental implant surfaces / Gustavo Mendonça, Daniela B.S. Mendonça, and Lyndon F. Cooper.
Measuring implant stability / Murat Çehreli.
Animal experimental findings on the effect of mechanical load on peri-implant tissue differentiation and adaptation / Katleen Vandamme, Ignace Naert, and Joke Duyck.
Histologic and histomorphometric evaluation of implants retrieved from humans / Giovanna Iezzi ... [et al.].
Finite element analysis in dental implant biomechanics / Roberto S. Pessoa and Siegfried V.N. Jaecques.
Strain measurement and electric resistance strain gauges / Ergin Tönük.
Photoelastic stress analysis / Murat Çehreli.
Reliability of experimental stress/strain data / Murat Çehreli.
Treatment planning for implant-supported fixed and removable prostheses / Regina Mericske-Stern.
Implant supported fixed partial prosthesis : current concepts and future directions / Kivanç Akça.
Biomechanics of post and core restorations / Burak Sadik and Serdar Arikan.
Evidence based dentistry hierarchy / Steven Eckert.