Table of Contents

Why we need biomechanics.
Concurrent force systems.
Nonconcurrent force systems and forces on a free body.
The creative use of maxillomandibular elastics.
Single forces and deep bite correction by intrusion.
Deep bite correction by posterior extrusion.
The biomechanics of altering tooth position.
3D concepts in tooth movement.
Orthodontic anchorage.
Stress, strain, and the biologic response.
Lingual arches.
Extraction therapies and space closure.
Forces from wires and brackets.
Statically determinate appliances and creative mechanics.
Biomechanics and treatment of dentofacial deformity.
The biomechanics of miniscrews : from single-tooth control to total-arch movement.
The role of friction in orthodontic appliances.
Properties and structures of orthodontic wire materials.
How to select an archwire.