Table of Contents

Contents note continued: 13.Computer-aided tissue engineering for modeling and fabrication of three-dimensional tissue scaffolds / Wei Sun.
pt. III Hydrogel scaffolds for regenerative medicine.
14. Polysaccharide hydrogels for regenerative medicine applications / Jennifer H. Elisseeff.
15. Functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for controlling stem cell fate / Chien-Chi Lin.
16. Fumarate-based hydrogels in regenerative medicine applications / Antonios G. Mikos.
17. Hydrogel scaffolds for regenerative medicine / Robert T. Tranquillo.
18. Microfabricated gels for tissue engineering / Ali Khademhosseini.
19.Organ printing / Thomas Boland.
pt. IV Biological factor delivery.
20. Growth factor delivery on scaffolds / Peter X. Ma.
21. Gene felivery for periodontal regeneration / William V. Giannobile.
22. Endogenous stem/progenitor cell recruitment for tissue regeneration / Jeremy J. Mao.
23. Affinity-based delivery systems / Horst A. von Recum. Contents note continued: 24. DNA delivery for regeneration / Lonnie D. Shea.
pt. V Animal models and clinical applications.
25. Bone regeneration / Jeffrey O. Hollinger.
26. Biomaterials for engineered tendon regeneration / Yilin Cao.
27. Advancing articular cartilage repair through tissue engineering: from materials and cells to clinical translation / Robert L. Mauck.
28. Engineering tissue-to-tissue interfaces / Helen H. Lu.
29. Models of composite bone and soft-tissue limb trauma / Robert E. Guldberg.
30. Tooth development and regeneration / Pamela C. Yelick.
31. Dentin-pulp tissue engineering and regeneration / Peter X. Ma.
32. Dental enamel regeneration / Petros Papagerakis.
33. Hair follicle and skin regeneration / Mayumi Ito.
34. In-vitro blood vessel regeneration / Laura E. Niklason.
35. Stem cells for vascular engineering / Bo Yang.
36. Cardiac tissue regeneration in bioreactors / Milica Radisic.
37. Bladder regeneration / Anthony Atala. Machine generated contents note: pt. I Introduction to stem cells and regenerative medicine.
1. Embryonic stem cells / Gary D. Smith.
2. Induced pluripotent stem cells / Shinya Yamanaka.
3. Connective tissue stem and progenitor cells / Pamela Gehron Robey.
4. Hematopoietic stem cells and their niches / Russell Taichman.
5. Using biomaterials for fetal stem cell isolation, expansion and directed-differentiation / Anthony Atala.
6. The hematopoietic stem cell niche / Linheng Li.
pt. II Porous scaffolds for regenerative medicine.
7. Nanofibrous polymer scaffolds with designed pore structure for regeneration / Peter X. Ma.
8. Electrospun micro/nanofibrous scaffolds / Xuejun Wen.
9. Biological scaffolds for regenerative medicine / Stephen F. Badylak.
10. Bioceramic scaffolds / Xingdong Zhang.
11. Collagen-based tissue repair composite / Fu-zhai Cui.
12. Polymer/ceramic composite scaffolds for tissue regeneration / Peter X. Ma. "Written by world-leading experts, this book focusses on the role of biomaterials in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Emphasising basic principles and methodology, it covers stem cell interactions, fabrication technologies, design principles, physical characterisation and biological evaluation, across a broad variety of systems and biomaterials. Topics include: stem cell biology, including embryonic stem cells, IPS, HSC and progenitor cells; modern scaffold structures, including biopolymer, bioceramic, micro- and nanofiber, ECM and biohydrogel; advanced fabrication technologies, including computer-aided tissue engineering and organ printing; cutting-edge drug delivery systems and gene therapy techniques; medical applications spanning hard and soft tissues, the cardiovascular system and organ regeneration. With a contribution by Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka, this is a must-have reference for anyone in the field of biomaterials, stem cell biology and engineering, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine"--Provided by publisher.