Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Biological Processes for Wastewater Treatment / Jianlong Wang.
Sludge Production: Quantification and Prediction for Urban Treatment Plants and Assessment of Strategies for Sludge Reduction / Mathieu Spérandio, Etienne Paul, Yolaine Bessière and Yu Liu.
Characterization of Municipal Wastewater and Sludge / Etienne Paul, Xavier Lefebvre, Mathieu Sperandio, Dominique Lefebvre and Yu Liu.
Oxic-Settling-Anaerobic Process for Enhanced Microbial Decay / Qingliang Zhao and Jianfang Wang.
Energy Uncoupling for Sludge Minimization: PROS and CONS / Bo Jiang, Yu Liu and Etienne Paul.
Reduction of Excess Sludge Production Using Ozonation or Chlorination: Performance and Mechanisms of Action / Etienne Paul, Qi-Shan Liu and Yu Liu.
High-Dissolved-Oxygen Biological Process for Sludge Reduction / Zhi-Wu Wang.
Minimizing Excess Sludge Production Through Membrane Bioreactors and Integrated Processes / Philip Chuen-Yung Wong.
Microbial Fuel Cell Technology for Sustainable Treatment of Organic Wastes and Electrical Energy Recovery / Shi-Jie You, Nan-Qi Ren and Qing-Liang Zhao.
Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge / Kuan-Yeow Show, Duu-Jong Lee and Joo-Hwa Tay.
Mechanical Pretreatment-Assisted Biological Processes / Hélène Carrère, Damien J. Batstone and Etienne Paul.
Thermal Methods to Enhance Biological Treatment Processes / Etienne Paul, Hélène Carrère and Damien J. Batstone.
Combustion, Pyrolysis, and Gasification of Sewage Sludge for Energy Recovery / Yong-Qiang Liu, Joo-Hwa Tay and Yu Liu.
Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology for Wastewater Treatment / Bing-Jie Ni and Han-Qing Yu.
Biodegradable Bioplastics from Fermented Sludge, Wastes, and Effluents / Etienne Paul, Elisabeth Neuhauser and Yu Liu.