Table of Contents

Adventures in biocontrol / George Lazarovits, Mark S. Goettel and Charles Vincent.
Search for biological control agents of invasive Mediterranean snails / James Coupland and Geoff Baker.
Introductions of parasitoids to control apple ermine moth in British Columbia / Joan E. Cossentine and Ulrich Kuhlmann.
Introductions of parasitoids to control the imported cabbageworm / Roy Van Driesche.
Biological control of cassava green mite in Africa : overcoming challenges to implementation / Steve Yaninek.
The multicoloured Asian ladybird beetle : beneficial or nuisance organism? / Eric Lucas ... [et al.].
Introduction of a fungus into North America for control of gypsy moth / Ann E. Hajek.
Weevils control invasive thistles in Canada / Peter Harris.
How many and what kind of agents for the biological control of weeds : a case study with diffuse knapweed / Judith H. Myers.
Why is biocontrol of common ragweed, the most allergenic weed in eastern Europe, still only a hope? / Levente Kiss.
Biocontrol for everyman : public participation in a weed project / Robert N. Wiedenmann ... [et al.].
Biological control for insect pests in greenhouses : an unexpected success / Joop C. van Lenteren.
From chemical to biological control in Canadian greenhouse crops / Les Shipp ... [et al.].
An endemic omnivorous predator for control of greenhouse pests / Dave Gillespie... [et al.].
Entomopathogenic nematodes : from science to commercial use / Ralf-Udo Ehlers.
A novel nematode for management of slugs / Michael Wilson.
A novel bacterium for control of grass grubs / Trevor A. Jackson.
How early discoveries about Bacillus thuringiensis prejudiced subsequent research and use / Jean-Charles Côté.
Development of resistance to the biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki / Alida F. Janmaat.
How much biocontrol is enough? / Alison Stewart, Kristin McLean and John Hunt.
Control of root diseases with Trichoderma spp. in forest nurseries of central Siberia / Tatyana I. Gromovykh ... [et al.].
Commercial development of Trichoderma virens for damping-off disease / Robert D. Lumsden and James F. Knauss.
Trichoderma stromaticum for management of witches' broom of cacao in Brazil / Alan W.V. Pomella ... [et al.].
Lessons learned from Sporidesmium, a fungal agent for control of Sclerotia-forming fungal pathogens / Deborah R. Fravel.
Sporodex, fungal biocontrol for powdery mildew in greenhouse crops / William R. Jarvis ... [et al.].
Potential and limitations of Microsphaeropsis ochraceae, an agent for biosanitation of apple scab / Odile Carisse, Gregg Holloway and Mary Leggett.
Competitive exclusion of aflatoxin producers : farm-driven research and development / Peter J. Cotty ... [et al.].
Aflatoxin control in cotton and groundnuts : regulatory aspects / Shanaz Bacchus.
Postharvest biocontrol : new concepts and applications / Michael Wisniewski ... [et al.].
Development of the mycoherbicide, BioMal / Susan M. Boyetchko ... [et al.].
Development of Chondrostereum purpureum as a mycoherbicide for deciduous brush control / William Hintz.
Developing the production system for Chondrostereum purpureum / Paul Y. de la Bastide and William E. Hintz.
Beauveria bassiana for pine caterpillar management in the People's Republic of China / Zenghzi Li.
Green Muscle, a fungal biopesticide for control of grasshoppers and locusts in Africa / Jurgen Langewald and Christiann Kooyman.
Pollinators as vectors of biocontrol agents : the B52 story / Peter Kevan, John Sutton and Les Shipp.
Genetic modification for improvement of virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae as a microbial insecticide / Raymond J. St. Leger.
Madex and Virosoft, viral biopesticides for codling moth control / Charles Vincent, Martin Andermatt and Jose Valuro.
A nucleopolyhedrovirus for control of velvetbean caterpillar in Brazilian soybeans / Flávio Moscardi.
Abietiv, a viral biopesticide for control of the balsam fir sawfly / Christopher J. Lucarotti, Gatan Moreau and Edward G. Kettella.
Field tests in the UK of a genetically modified Baculovirus / Jenny S. Cory.
Control of mites in pome fruit by inoculation and conservation / Noubar J. Bostanian and Jacques Lasnier.
Management of aphid populations in cotton through conservation : delaying insecticide spraying has its benefits / Don Steinkraus.
Management of pests and diseases in New Zealand and Australia vineyards / Geoff M. Gurr ... [et al.].
Take-all decline : model system in the science of biological control and clue to the success of intensive cropping / R. James Cook.
The biocontrol network : a Canadian example of the importance of networking / Jean-Louis Schwartz, Wayne Campbell and Raynald Laprade. Draws historical perspectives and approaches used in the development of biological control. This book presents the personal experiences of scientists from the initial search for suitable control agents to their release into ecosystems and to the beneficial outcomes which demonstrate the success of biological control across diverse agro-ecosystems.