Table of Contents

chapter 1. Introduction : biointeractions of nanomaterials : challenges and solutions / Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, Vrinda Pathak, Ana Groshev, Mahavir B. Chougule, Sachin Naik, Deepa Patel, and Yashwant Pathak.
chapter 2. Nanoparticle exposures in occupational environments / Li-Hao Young, Ying-Fang Wang, Ching-Hwa Chen, Chun-Wan Chen, and Perng-Jy Tsai.
chapter 3. Physicochemical characterization-dependent toxicity of nanoparticles / Jigar N. Shah, Ankur P. Shah, Hiral J. Shah, and Vijaykumar B. Sutariya.
chapter 4. Cytotoxicity of stimuli-responsive nanomaterials : predicting clinical viability through robust biocompatibility profiles / Daniel Wehrung and Moses O. Oyewumi.
chapter 5. Biosensing devices for toxicity assessment of nanomaterials / Evangelia Hondroulis, Pratik Shah, Xuena Zhu, and Chen-Zhong Li.
chapter 6. Carbon nanotubes and pulmonary toxicity / Malay K. Das and Charles Preuss.
chapter 7. Nanotoxicity of polymeric and solid lipid nanoparticles / Dev Prasad and Harsh Chauhan.
chapter 8. Analytical characterization of nanomaterials in biological matrices for hazard assessment / Mingsheng Xu, Daisuke Fujita, Huanxing Su, Hongzheng Chen, and Nobutaka Hanagata.
chapter 9. Nanoparticles and human health : a review of epidemiological studies / Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, Ana Groshev, Vivek Dave, Hardeep Saluja, Deepak Bhatia, Prabodh Sadana, and Yashwant Pathak.
chapter 10. Toxicogenomic approaches to understanding the toxicity of nanoparticles / Qiwen Shi, Mahavir B. Chougule, Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, and Deepak Bhatia.
chapter 11. Nanomaterial-based gene and drug delivery : pulmonary toxicity considerations / Mahavir B. Chougule, Rakesh K. Tekade, Peter R. Hoffmann, Deepak Bhatia, Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, and Yashwant Pathak.
chapter 12. Cardiovascular toxicity of nanomaterials / Saijie Zhu and Minghuang Hong.
chapter 13. Toxicity of nanomaterials on the gastrointestinal tract / Jayvadan Patel and Vibha Champavat.
chapter 14. Toxicity of nanomaterials on the liver, kidney, and spleen / Jayvadan Patel and Anita Patel.
chapter 15. Regulatory implications of nanotechnology / Lynn L. Bergeson and Michael F. Cole.
chapter 16. Ocular toxicity of nanoparticles / Aditya Grover, Anjali Hirani, Yong Woo Lee, Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, and Yashwant Pathak.
chapter 17. Genotoxicity of nanoparticles / Amaya Azqueta, Leire Arbillaga, and Adela López de Cerain.
chapter 18. Interactions of polysaccharide-coated nanoparticles with proteins / Christine Vauthier.
chapter 19. Models for risk assessments of nanoparticles / Sanjay Dey, Bhaskar Mazumder, and Yaswant Pathak.
chapter 20. Immunotoxicity of carbon nanoparticles / Paulami Pal, Bhaskar Mazumder, and Yaswant Pathak. "The purpose of this book is to focus on the biointeraction of nanomaterials, an area that has not been previously addressed in detail. It also covers various techniques and tests that have been developed to evaluate the toxicity of materials at the nano level. The interactions of nanomaterials and nanosystems within biosystems are a concern for the scientific community. This book is targeted toward academic researchers as well as industry members who are involved in the development of nanosystems. Many graduate schools have initiated courses in nanotechnology and applications. This book will be a great resource for students as well as professors. Additionally, this will be a useful tool for industrial scientists investigating technology to update their nanotoxicology and nano-safety understanding. The objective of the book is to address issues related to toxicity and safety of nanomaterials and nanosystems. It also covers the interactions of these in biological systems, various tools and methods used to evaluate the toxicity and safety issues. The volume comprises 20 chapters written by leading scientists in the field of nanotechnology. Chapter 1 covers the challenges and solutions of bio interactions of nanomaterials. This is followed by three chapters that address the assessment and characterization of nanosystems in the bio-environment"--Provided by publisher.