Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry: State of the Art, New Trends, and a Vision of the Future / Nicola J Farrer, Peter J Sadler.
Targeting Strategies for Metal-Based Therapeutics / Julia F Norman, Trevor W Hambley.
Current Status and Mechanism of Action of Platinum-Based Anticancer Drugs / Shanta Dhar, Stephen J Lippard.
New Trends and Future Developments of Platinum-Based Antitumor Drugs / Xiaoyong Wang, Zijian Guo.
Ruthenium and Other Non-Platinum Anticancer Compounds / Ioannis Bratsos, Teresa Gianferrara, Enzo Alessio, Christian G Hartinger, Michael A Jakupec, Bernhard K Keppler.
The Challenge of Establishing Reliable Screening Tests for Selecting Anticancer Metal Compounds / Angela Boccarelli, Alessandra Pannunzio, Mauro Coluccia.
Gold-Based Therapeutic Agents: A New Perspective / Susan J Berners-Price.
MRI Contrast Agents: State of the Art and New Trends / Daniela Delli Castelli, Eliana Gianolio, Silvio Aime.
Metal-Based Radiopharmaceuticals / Roger Alberto.
Boron and Gadolinium in the Neutron Capture Therapy of Cancer / Ellen L Crossley, H Y Vincent Ching, Joseph A Ioppolo, Louis M Rendina.
Essential Metal Related Metabolic Disorders / Yasmin Mawani, Chris Orvig.
Metal Compounds as Enzyme Inhibitors / Gilles Gasser, Nils Metzler-Nolte.
Biomedical Applications of Metal-Containing Luminophores / Albert Ruggi, David N Reinhoudt, Aldrik H Velders.
Index. This book gives a comprehensive overview about medicinal inorganic chemistry. Topics like targeting strategies, mechanism of action, Pt-based antitumor drugs, radiopharmaceuticals are covered in detail and offer the reader an in-depth overview about this important topic.