Table of Contents

Preface; Contents; Contributors; Abbreviations; Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry; Introduction to Homogeneous Catalysis; Relationships Between Enzymatic and Heterogeneous Catalysis; Lewis Acid Properties of Zinc and Its Development to Phosphotriester Detoxifying Agents; Vanadium Haloperoxidases; Molybdenum and Tungsten Enzymes; Catalysis by Nitrogenases and Synthetic Analogs; Biological Iron-Sulfur Clusters with Catalytic Activity; Catalysis by Nickel in Biological Systems; Oxygen Activation at Nonheme Iron Centers; Dioxygen Activation at Heme Centers in Enzymes and Synthetic Analogs. Provides late-1990s research results and suggests topics for the study of metal ions, catalysis and biochemical systems. The text highlights potential applications; covers zinc and FeS clusters; presents X-ray analysis of metalloenzymes; and covers strategies to design synthetic analogs of enzymes.