Table of Contents

Biomarkers and bioinformatics.
Review of fundamental statistical concepts.
Biomarker-based prediction models : design and interpretation principles.
An introduction to the discovery and analysis of genotype-phenotype associations.
Integrative approaches to genotype-phenotype association discovery / Ana Dopazo.
Biomarkers and gene expression data analysis.
Advances in biomarker discovery with gene expression data / Haiying Wang and Huiru Zheng.
Proteomics and metabolomics for biomarker discovery : an introduction to spectral data analysis.
Data integration in proteomics and metabolomics for biomarker discovery / Kenneth Bryan.
Disease biomarkers and biological interaction networks.
Commentary on disease biomarkers and biological interaction networks / Zhongming Zhao.
Integrative data analysis for biomarker discovery.
Data integration : the next big hope? / Yves Moreau.
Information resources and software tools for biomarker discovery.
Challenges and research directions in bioinformatics and biomarker discovery.
Towards building knowledge-based assistants for intelligent data analysis in biomarker discovery / Riccardo Bellazzi.
Accompanying commentary on challenges and opportunities of bioinformatics in disease biomarker discovery / Gary B. Fogel.