Table of Contents

Bioengineering approaches for aetiological research in severe pressure ulcers / Amit Gefen and Eran Linder-Ganz.
Ion beam bioengineering research in Thailand / S. Anuntalabhochai, L.D. Yu and T. Vilaithong.
Analysis of shell structures applying triangular finite elements / C.W. Solomon.
Bioengineering of human fetal tissues for clinical use / Lee Ann Applegate [and others].
Gene cluster or operon design by ordered gene assembly in bacillus subtilis (OGAB) method / Kenji Tsuge and Mitsuhiro Itaya.
Bioengineering of glass-ceramics and ceramics for dental restoration / W. Höland and V. Rheinberger.
Development of a diagnostic system for osteoarthritis using a photoacoustic measurement method and time-resolved auto-fluorescence / Masato Sato [and others].
Biotechnology and agriculture / Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo.